WCW Saturday Night – [Saturday] Week 2 [July] [1994]

WCW Saturday Night

These are the results from WCW Saturday Night, being held by World Championship Wrestling. It is being held in front of 18,504 people at Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Fan Interactive Night. You Choose The Main Event

And we’re LIVE! from Charlotte on July 9, 1994, eight days out from Bash at the Beach.

Tony Schiavone, Bobby Heenan & Gene Okerlund open the show telling us tonight’s Main Event is interactive. One thing you might remember from last week: the fans will choose the main event. Call the hotline and vote for one person from the Red locker room, and one from the Blue locker room.

You Choose The Main Event From Locker Room Blue

Gene Okerlund is backstage with the faces. Here are the wrestlers you can choose from Locker Room Blue: Alex Wright, Brad Armstrong, Cactus Jack, Johnny B. Badd, Kevin Sullivan, Sting and The Guardian Angel.

Rating: 82 B

You Choose The Main Event From Locker Room Red

And Eric Bischoff has your heel choices from Locker Room Red: Bunkhouse Buck, Diamond Dallas Page, Paul Orndorff, Steve Austin, Terry Funk, Ric Flair and Vader.

Rating: 88 B+

WCW World Television Title Match

Brian Pillman vs. Steven Regal

In a bout that had great wrestling and a decent reaction from the crowd, Brian Pillman drew with “Lord” Steven Regal in 15:00 when the time limit expired.

Rating: 78 B

Hogan vs Flair Hype Video

Highlights of Ric Flair’s and Hulk Hogan’s careers.

Then a motorcade is shown accompanying a limosuine to the arena, Hulk Hogan will be here tonight.

Rating: 100 A*

Interview w/ Vader And Harley Race From The Red Locker Room

Then there’s a break, and now we’re back with Eric Bischoff and the Red Locker Room. Vader yells, he feels no pain. Vader wants Guardian Angel. “‘Who’s the Man?’ “I fear no man and I feel no pain!”

Rating: 88 B+

Interview w/ Guardian Angel From The Blue Locker Room

Over to “Mean” Gene, and The Guardian Angel. The Guardian Angel wants Vader. “Everybody knows how bad I hate Vader!!” “Give him to me NOW!!”

Rating: 90 A

Arn Anderson & Dustin Rhodes vs. Bad Attitude

In a good match, Dustin Rhodes and Arn Anderson defeated Bad Attitude in 8:07 when Arn Anderson defeated Steve Keirn by submission with a Figure Four Leglock.

Rating: 72 B-

Interview w/ Hulk Hogan And Jimmy Hart. Hogan Brings Out Mr. T

Here comes Hulk Hogan with Jimmy Hart. He urges fans to vote Flair vs. Sting tonight, so Sting can get revenge and beat up Flair and make it easy pickings. “Mean” Gene mention that Flair always has friends in low places that could hurt Hogan next weekend, but Hogan brings out his back-up and it’s…oh my god! It’s Mr. T, who Hogan says is the best Streetfighter in the World.

Basically Hogan is explaining that since Flair has a woman in his corner, he’s going to have Jimmy Hart, Mr. T, Shaq, George Foreman and possibly also Wesley Snipes in his corner.

Mr. T will patrol the outside; the balconies and the alleyways. He’s got Hogan covered.

Rating: 100 A*

Stars ‘n’ Stripes vs. Harlem Heat

In a decent match, Harlem Heat defeated Stars ‘n’ Stripes in 8:22 when Stevie Ray defeated The Patriot by pinfall with a Heat Seeker following botched interference by Kevin Sullivan. During the match we also saw Dave Sullivan distract Stevie Ray, and Kevin Sullivan also distract Booker T.

Rating: 69 C+

The Sullivan’s Came Ringside Interfering

Dave Sullivan comes out because he’s mad at Harlem Heat for beating him up last week. And here’s Kevin Sullivan barking in front of Dave and daring Booker T and Stevie Ray to come at him. “Harlem Heat is here to dominate the WCW tag team ranks, suckas got to know! Cactus Jack and Kevin Sullivan, we comin’ for You, Suckaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” Eventually a number of officials and other wrestlers have to hit the ring and pull them apart before they kill each other.

Rating: 68 C+

Ricky Steamboat vs. Ron Simmons

In a bout that had superb wrestling and good heat, Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat defeated powerhouse Ron Simmons in 10:07 by pinfall with a Diving Crossbody.

Rating: 80 B

It’s Time For The Result

Now Tony and Gene have a couple of corporate suits from the WCW office. So they talk, and then we come back to find out what our main event match is. Heenan’s on the phone, but the tabulations are in. Heenan is incensed. He blames Hulk Hogan. “Open your eyes, both of ya!”

Sting (60%) vs Ric Flair (57%)

The Flair vs. Sting Saga: Clash of the Champions / Clash of the Champions VIII / Halloween Havoc ’89 / Starrcade ’89 / Great American Bash ’90 / Starrcade ’90 / WrestleWar ’91 / Clash of the Champions XXVI / Clash of the Champions XXVII

Interview w/ Ric Flair From The Red Locker Room (Nick Bockwinkel Interrupts Him) Then Sting From The Blue Locker Room

Backstage after break, Ric Flair flips out at Eric Bischoff saying he will not wrestle Sting tonight and calls Hulk Hogan a “Cheat and a Scam”. Commissioner Nick Bockwinkel comes on and says if Flair wants to leave, he can leave, he can go party on the town in Atlanta, or whatever — but the WCW World Heavyweight title stays here because Ric Flair is not WCW. Flair flips out more.

In the back, you can see Col. Parker, Meng, Vader and Harley Race conversing.

They Show A Pissed Of Ric Flair Leaving The Red Locker Room. Flair, in red trunks, is mad, but he’s making his way out.

After a break, we’re with Gene in the Blue Locker Room. Sting pimps the Hulkamaniacs. “Not to mention the Stingers out there.” “Owwwwww!”

Rating: 94 A

Tony Schiavone is outraged that Bobby Heenan has made 78 calls to the hotline.

Sting vs. Ric Flair

“It’s Showtime, folks!” Sting is cupping his hands together and yelling “Owwwwww!” In a bout that had sensational wrestling and fantastic heat, Ric Flair defeated Sting in 15:52 when Sting was disqualified when Hulk Hogan ran in and attacked Ric Flair. During the match we also saw Elizabeth distract Sting, and Mr. T also distract Ric Flair.

Rating: 82 B

Hulk Hogan Interfering During The Match

“The Nature Boy” storms around the ring in anger and tries leaving, but Hulk Hogan meets him at the entry way and shakes his finger, sending Flair retreating back to the ring. Sting works through his offense like a high powered squash. Flair’s selling and bumping is all great. Hogan pulls up a chair and watches from ringside. Sting’s really killing him in there.

Flair doesn’t get any offense in before he clips Sting’s knee. Hogan tells the ref that he cheated and the ref yells at Hogan, allowing Flair to cheat some more. It’s not cheating unless you get caught. Flair only gets a couple of moves in though, before Sting goes back to his super offense, almost decapitating Flair with a Superplex.

“NOOOO!” Ric Flair wants no more of Sting. Not tonight. He wasn’t ready. This isn’t fair to Flair.

Hogan rips his shirt, lunging at Flair. Trying to nailing Flair with the chair, making Flair the winner by DQ.

Flair clips Hogan’s knee and the selling is great!, until Mr. T runs out and chases Flair off. Mr. T helps Hogan up and Hogan is still selling!

Rating: 95 A*

Interview w/ Ric Flair Then Hulk Hogan

Interview w/ Ric Flair And Elizabeth. “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair and Elizabeth storm the announcer’s set and say this is only a taste of Bash at the Beach and he’s going to tear Hulk Hogan limb from limb and make sure he stays out of HIS company. “To be the man, you gotta beat the man! Woooo!”

Then A Interview w/ Hulk Hogan, Jimmy Hart, And Mr. T

Hogan gets to talk. “You know he talked about having the deck stacked, brother!”

Hogan limps towards the set at fast pace and Mr. T is with him, so Flair bails. More Hogan shilling and posing as he continue to sell the knee.

Rating: 95 A*

Show Rating: 90 A


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