WCW Worldwide – [Friday] Week 2 [July] [1994]

WCW Worldwide

These are the results from WCW Worldwide, being held by World Championship Wrestling.

Alex Wright vs. Erik Watts

In a terrible match, rising star “Das Wunderkind” Alex Wright defeated Erik Watts in 5:06 by pinfall with a Hangman’s Neckbreaker.

Rating: 43 D

Interview w/ The Stud Stable

Mike Tenay had an interview with The Stud Stable hyping their upcoming tag team match versus Dustin Rhodes and Arn Anderson at Bash At The Beach. Terry Funk says that he hates The Rhodes and that “Dusty Sucks Eggs!” It’s in his blood to hate The Rhodes.

Rating: 78 B

The Guardian Angel vs. Damon Stryker

In an squash match, powerhouse The Guardian Angel defeated jobber Damon Stryker in 4:41 by pinfall with a Spinebuster.

Rating: 64 C

Stars ‘n’ Stripes vs. Haito & Tanaka-san

In a bout that had decent wrestling but didn’t have much heat, up-and-coming Stars ‘n’ Stripes defeated Haito & Tanaka-san in 8:14 when The Patriot defeated Haito by pinfall with a Patriot Missile.

Rating: 58 C-

Bash At The Beach Control Center With Promos By: Hulk Hogan Then Ric Flair

Bash at the Beach Control Center segment hosted by Gene Okerlund.

Promo by Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart about Ric Flair

Then a promo by Ric Flair

Let’s get back to talking about Bash at the Beach and Hulk Hogan vs. Ric Flair. Mr. T will be there.

Announced so far is: Ricky Steamboat vs Steve Austin; Cactus Jack & Kevin Sullivan vs. Harlem Heat; The Guardian Angel vs. Vader; Hulk Hogan vs Ric Flair.

Rating: 95 A*

Johnny B. Badd vs. Diamond Dallas Page

In a decent match, popular babyface Johnny B. Badd defeated arrogant heel Diamond Dallas Page in 7:22 by pinfall with a Shooting Star Press.

Rating: 70 C+

Interview w/ Steve Austin and Jeannie

Interview w/ Steve Austin and his new valet Jeannie hyping the upcoming match versus Ricky Steamboat at Bash At The Beach. Steamboat is simply way past his prime and Austin will have no problems defending his US title.

Rating: 81 B

The Armstrongs vs. The Nasty Boys and The Samoan Savage

In a decent match, The Samoan Savage and The Nasty Boys defeated The Armstrongs (Brian Armstrong, Scott Armstrong and Steve Armstrong) in 8:21 when Brian Knobbs defeated Scott Armstrong by pinfall with a Running Powerslam.

Rating: 64 C

Show Rating: 67 C+


Comments: Well so the main focus is obviously to spam Hogan vs. Flair, since they got both the drawing power and the entertainment skills. This should be the main focus for the rest of 1994. The minor focus is to continue build the other main event feuds; The Guardian Angel vs. Vader and Ricky Steamboat vs. Steve Austin. Steamboat and Austin has the tools to deliver great matches and a interesting feud. The Guardian Angel needs to be booked in a way to hide his flaws, since his performance skills are just decent, but since Vader is great in the ring and has superb menace skills for the angles i think it should work.

As you can see, The Samoan Savage is signed. The reason for this is that i could’t find The Coconut Savage in the database

One other minor focus is to build the tag team division and the key focus is to use Bad Attitude a lot, since Bobby Eaton and Steve Keirn has great performance skills. The Armstrongs are also important to use, since they also has good performance skills. These proven teams mentioned above will be the key to develope Harlem Heat, The Nasty Boys, Stars ‘n’ Stripes and Haito & Tanaka-san.


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