WCW Worldwide – [Friday] Week 3 [July] [1994]

WCW Worldwide

These are the results from WCW Worldwide, being held by World Championship Wrestling.

Sonny Rogers vs. Scott Norton

In a short squash match, powerhouse Scott Norton defeated jobber Sonny Rogers in 1:16 by pinfall with a Release Powerbomb.

Rating: 49 D+

Erik Watts and Tim Horner vs. Bunkhouse Buck & Terry Funk w/ Col. Parker

In a decent match, Bunkhouse Buck & Terry Funk defeated Erik Watts and Tim Horner in 6:29 when Terry Funk defeated Erik Watts by pinfall with a Texas Piledriver.

Rating: 74 B-

Interview w/ The Stud Stable

Mike Tenay had an interview with The Stud Stable about the upcoming tag team match against Arn Anderson and Dustin Rhodes. Col. Robert Parker has something special planned for Bash At The Beach. He takes a puff on his trademark Cuban cigar and chuckles.

Rating: 75 B-

Alex Wright vs. Rip Rogers

In a poor match, “Das Wunderkind” Alex Wright defeated “The Hustler” Rip Rogers in 5:54 by pinfall with a fast roll up. Great selling from Rogers.

Rating: 52 D+

Arn Anderson and Dustin Rhodes vs. Haito & Tanaka-san

In a decent match, Arn Anderson and Dustin Rhodes defeated Haito & Tanaka-san in 7:48 when Dustin Rhodes defeated Haito by pinfall with a DDT.

Rating: 72 B-

Highlights Of The Feud Between Hulk Hogan And Ric Flair

Highlights Of The Feud Between Hulk Hogan And Ric Flair.

Rating: 100 A*

The Guardian Angel vs. George South

In an extremely short match, The Guardian Angel defeated George South in 4:46 by pinfall with a Bubba Slam.

Rating: 67 C+

Bash At The Beach Control Center With Promo By: The Guardian Angel

Bash at the Beach Control Center segment hosted by Gene Okerlund.

Promo by The Guardian Angel about Vader and Harley Race. Vader is a bully and he will pay the price.

Let’s get back to talking about Bash at the Beach and Hulk Hogan vs. Ric Flair. Mr. T will be there.

Announced so far is Ricky Steamboat vs Steve Austin; Cactus Jack & Kevin Sullivan vs. Harlem Heat; The Guardian Angel vs. Vader; Hulk Hogan vs Ric Flair.

Rating: 86 B+

The Armstrongs II vs. Bad Attitude

In a decent match, Bad Attitude defeated The Armstrongs (Steve and Scott) in 5:37 when Bobby Eaton defeated Scott Armstrong by pinfall with an Alabama Jam.

Rating: 66 C+

Show Rating: 68 C+


Comments: Powerhouse Scott Norton is developing nicely and are also starting his New Japan tour in August, so he looks like a very solid prospect for the future. Great to have some solid performers like Rip Rogers and The Gambler. They can get decent match rating from most opponents. I’ll try to give these guys some wins in the dark matches. Alex Wright is in developement with Deep South Wrestling, but is borrowed a lot and given a lot of TV spotlight in WCW. Still kind of bad match ratings from him, but hopefully they will get better. The Guardian Angel his getting a lot of matches, as i try to develope his performance skills to main event calibre. Hopefully he will have some pretty solid skills in 1995. Bad Attitude is such a skilled tag team and i’m glad they’re on the roster. If Steve Keirn had some more popularity and if i can find a manager that fits; they could be the backbone of the tag team division together with the up-and-coming Harlem Heat.


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