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After the current Ric Flair vs Hulk Hogan feud, Steve Austin, is rumoured to receive his long-awaited main event push. But in the World of Hulk Hogan vs. Monster Heels, there are some who believe Austin will just tread water and won’t be able to crack the main event scene.

The story last week about a guy with a gun charging the ring during a Terry Funk match in WCW was apparently blown out of proportion. He was just drunk and happened to have a gun on him when they detained him, he wasn’t brandishing it around and charging the ring or anything.

It seems that Jim Ross is set to remain with WWF, after rumours began circulating that he has been offered a contract extension. With his contract about to expire, there had been some rumours that he could leave, but these now appear unfounded.

Steven Regal was brought before the WCW Wrestler’s Court, accused of being an hour late to pick up his assigned travel partner. The judge, Vader, found him guilty and sentenced him to pay for his travel partner’s meals for the next three shows.

WWF apparently made a major play to try and steal Konnan from AAA after the success of the New York and Chicago AAA shows, but Konnan isn’t jumping and plans to stay where he is.

WCW “Underdog” Joey Maggs sustained a Broken Collar Bone at this week’s Saturday Night show. He is currently out of action and will be back in 17 days.

The plan for WCW wrestling to become a daily DisneyWorld attraction was nixed by higher ups at Turner, so that won’t be happening and the headquarters will remain in Atlanta.

WCW and ECW wrestler, Cactus Jack is reported to have sustained Chronic Knee Pain during the latest episode of ECW Hardcore TV. Initial reports are sketchy, but it is believed that he will not be taking time off, but will work through the pain.

WWF is airing skits where Leslie Neilsen of Naked Gun fame is playing a detective trying to get to the bottom of the Fake Undertaker story.

According to sources within USWA the company has drawn up plans to pit Sid Vicious and Jerry Lawler against Jeff Jarrett and Bam Bam Bigelow in a lengthy 2 vs. 2 storyline that will be the focal point of the promotion for the forseeable future. There has also been talk from within USWA that indicates that Kamala is to begin a lengthy feud with Tommy Rich. There has been no official word yet of course, but we will keep you up to date with any futher happenings.

The ECW World Television Championship changed hands last night at ECW Heat Wave, as Dean Malenko became the new champion, ending the reign of Mikey Whipwreck after thirteen title defences. This is the first time he has won the ECW World Television Championship. The feedback has been that ECW Heat Wave was awesome and the performance of the night belonged to Ron Simmons.

Rumour has it that Eric Bischoff and Ric Flair have suggested that Hulk Hogan should face Sting in a Face vs Face “Dream Match” at Starrcade. But Hogan decided to reject this idea and countered by suggesting it makes better sense for him to face a former WWF monster heel that he already have experience to work with (like John Tenta, One Man Gang, Kamala or Fred Ottman). This story is still developing and we will bring you more news as we get it.

ECW saw a title change last night at ECW Hardcore TV, as Shane Douglas lost the ECW World Heavyweight Championship to Jimmy Snuka. This victory marks his third reign with the title. Shane Douglas managed seven successful title defences prior to this defeat.

Tito Santana ended weeks of speculation last night when he signed a contract extension to keep him with AAA. Many insiders say that this is a key piece of business for the company, as finding a replacement could have been tricky.

Marcus Alexander Bagwell is badly hurt. News has come in that WCW Blue Chipper Marcus Alexander Bagwell has picked up a Broken Ankle. It is said to have happened during a dark match last night, and early reports are that he will need to take time off in order to heal, which is a huge blow for him. He is expected to be back in 44 days.

The vacant SMW United States Jr. Heavyweight Championship was claimed last night, as Brian Armstrong became the new champion at SMW Summer Blast.

Commentator Rob Naylor says Bret Hart’s comments about Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan are completely out of line. “This man’s arrogance far exceeds his wrestling ability, which is saying a lot” and says Bret will have his vote for “Most Obnoxious in the year end Awards”. Bret’s bitter and jealous. “The day will come, sooner than he thinks, when Bret Hart will be rode out to pasture by younger stars like Shawn Michaels.”

The vacant WWF European Championship was claimed last night, as The Underfaker became the new champion at WWF In Your House.

E! Network did a feature on WCW, featuring several wrestlers. WCW United States champion “Stunning” Steve Austin in particular was great on the show.

Veteran Greg “The Hammer” Valentine could soon be returning to the spotlight. Valentine are said to be high on the shortlists of WCW and WWF. “The Hammer” currently works for NWA Dallas, IWCCW and NWA FL.

WWF has had serious discussion about bringing in Chris Benoit as part of a babyface tag team, no word on who the partner would be.

Mark Madden may be getting a job with WCW to take over the hotline on Sundays from Bobby Heenan. The only hotline that is successful in WCW is Gene Okerlund’s Saturday hotline, but even that only does about half the business that it used to do when Jim Ross ran it a few years ago. You can only give teases and trick people into calling so many times before it stops working. People want info for their dollar and Ross used to deliver it, while Okerlund is constantly hyping up that he’s gonna dish some dirt on the hotline, but rarely delivers anything substantial.

WWF star Razor Ramon has told friends he plans to take some time off at the beginning of the year to spend some time with his family.

Sabu and Tazmaniac had a hardcore match at an indie show in Michigan that included the following foreign objects: A car radiator, a television, a radio, a VCR, a freezer door, a baseball bat, a fan, a toaster, a vacuum cleaner, a pool cue and more.

Speaking of Sabu, he’s apparently talking about going to WWF next year, but reportedly ECW has offered “The Homicidal Suicidal Genocidal Death-Defying Maniac” big money to stay with them instead.

Road Warrior Animal is telling people he plans to return to the ring in early 1995 and reform the tag team with Hawk in New Japan and probably WCW. Animal reportedly looks enormous lately.

Indie wrestlers Bill DeMott, John Kronus and Perry Saturn both received tryouts at the WWF tapings, but didn’t get much reaction.

John Tenta (Earthquake) was pulled from an indie show in Canada because WWF has him tied up in a bunch of legal red tape because they’re trying to prevent him from going to WCW. Tenta is good friends with Jimmy Hart and Hart seems to have a lot of pull in WCW right now.

With Bash at the Beach pulling in a bigger buyrate than the recent King of the Ring PPV, WCW has now started a new ad campaign with the slogan “The New #1”.


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